Food-producing animals farmers and veterinarians’ practitioners at a farm level in the 27 EU Member States are the first in line responsible for the high standard of animal husbandry and care to prevent disease, as well as for the prudent use of antimicrobials when such treatment becomes necessary.

The hands-on training will contribute to the transition towards reduced use of antimicrobials and, specifically to the Farm-to-Fork (F2F) target to reduce overall EU sales of antimicrobials for farmed animals and in aquaculture by 50% by 2030.

What is the purpose of the project

Provide one full day hands-on-training to the farmer and veterinarian communities working with food producing animals. The training will:


  1. inform farmers and veterinarians about the implications of the Regulations (EU) 2019/4 on medicated feed and 2019/6 on veterinary medicinal products in their daily practice in the farm.
  2. facilitate the transition towards a reduced use of antimicrobials by informing farmers and veterinarians about measures that could prevent infection occurrence.
  3. encourage sharing good practices that inform farmers and veterinarians about possible approaches towards a reduced use of antimicrobials in everyday practice

Hands-on Trainings

The training should result in better awareness of farmers and veterinarians working with food producing animals of the latest legal framework, and their obligations regarding the prescription and use of antimicrobials.


Hands-on training sessions will include plenary sessions with presentations on legislative updates focused to farmers and veterinarians, dynamic working group sessions focused on specific species, sharing farmers and veterinarians’ perspectives, problems and solutions, with plenary debriefing sessions, and identified case studies of success stories.


Networking among  participants will be facilitated during the sessions and in social events during lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks. The following dates have been agreed with national authorities, veterinary and farmers’ associations in each country. For more information about the location, program and expert trainers for each session, click on the calendar below.



22 de April de 2024

Hands-on training sessions will be planned in each EU member state during 2024-2026. Stay in touch for further information about antimicrobial resistance hands-on training for farmers and veterinarians in your country or contact us at